Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a folktale told in many different backgrounds, countries, faith systems and races, each with it’s own spin on the tale. The foundation of the story stays the same. A group of hungry people (sometimes one stranger) wander into town, hungry and without food. They convince the locals to contribute to a pot of soup, in which they start out with water and a stone, saying, “It’s so much better with meat, onions, carrots, rice, etc” ending up with a thick hearty stew for all to share, from each person contributing a little. In the same way, Stone Soup looks to feed those in need and supply resources, through the contributions from many through out the area. With many giving a little, we can meet many needs.

Mission Statement:

Stone Soup/The Longer Table engages within the community to feed the hungry of mind, body and soul through food, fellowship, advocacy and acceptance.